Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Dapeng Bay sunset

We were in Dapeng Bay, Pingtung to do a story on cycling and fun around Dapeng Bay. Heading to the office to put together that story this afternoon. It will air week of the 25th. I think the best time to cycle in Dapeng Bay is starting from when the sun is just setting and at night. Early morning, you might see a slightly foggy view of calm waters and people fishing, but that is about it. At sunset and at night, you can see the beautiful, flame colored sun and sky reflected on the water, and there are supposed to be really nice looking lights along the bike path. We stopped filming after the sun had set and headed straight for dinner so I didn't see the lights. You can still ride during the day, when it's hot hot hot and the smell of the fish farms can be a little much to bear for people not used to it. But one nice thing about riding during the day or in the afternoon is that when you get hungry, you can ride to the Huaqiao fish market after it opens at 14h00 and eat lots of seafood snacks and dishes there. Sorry, no pictures from the fish market. Hands were really full from producing, reporting and keeping an eye on my bicycle. :D

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