Sunday, 10 October 2010

Cycling around Taiwan

We were very lucky and spotted the Standard Chartered team which was cycling around Taiwan for Orbis, the flying eye hospital charity. If I didn't bump into them, my Taitung cycling stories would have been just me cycling. All alone. Not fun to do, not fun to watch, either. The SC guys were on their 7th day of the tour and were very nice and let me ride with them from Guanshan to Chishang, which was about 10km of beautiful, green rice paddy landscape. They stopped in Chishang for the famous Chishang lunch box and then...passed out. Well, apparently this is how they rest in between legs. They ride about 100km a day, one guy told me. That's a lot. But hm...doable. I may even consider doing it one day. I learned a lesson today - riding a foldie with a pack of people on road bikes is especially tiring! So if I were to do the round-the-island challenge, I'm borrowing someone's road bike.

加油, you guys! 你們很努力,看得出來! :D

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