Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Birthday girl

It was my birthday today! I forgot how old I turned. Twenty-three? Haha!

Special thank you's to everyone who knew or remembered. The cards and messages made me so happy!

I had lunch with my good friend Jenny, whom I was desperate to see. For being such a crazy person herself (at least when we were still in Tokyo), she really puts me at ease. Kind of like my uncle, Tsu. It was a good lunch and we promised that we will to get together more often. It's been more than a year since I've been back and I've seen each other less than three times.

My parents sent flowers and a cake to my office. My father the gadget master gave me a Sonicare toothbrush and my mother bought me expensive coral jewelry. The coral was quite beautiful. With that, my father said they release themselves from all liability if no one ever marries me. They're quite nice, but not pretentious. And I think only people who have an appreciation for precious material would know what it is. I guess I will have to stick to my humongous, but very cute semi-precious and precious stones ring to ward off the weird guys. I think it worked again on Sunday.

For a while, I felt like my brain had broken into a gazillion pieces. But in the past two days, I was able to start gluing them back together and putting all the right things into the right drawers in my head. It was really tough, but I think I made it through. Struggles are good because you always gain something in the end. But the process is absolutely horrible.

During this new year in my life, I would like to venture into the world outside of work. Oh my!


AppleChef said...

ah! i am so sorry!!! i had lunch with you, and i totally don't remember it!!!

happy belated birthday!!!

miNgo said...

i keep a roll of duct tape in my car incase my brain starts falling apart..

i think you're bored of life because work isn't exciting enough for you. as always i strongly recomend that you venture out into the world of hanging out =D..

Jack said...

happy belated 23rd birthday! :) that cake looks good. you're parents are so nice!