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Reporting: Holiday business

This was aired 14 February, 2006.

Slug: The Holiday Business (1’15’’)

Sixteen hundred years ago, February 14th was declared a feast day to honor Saint Valentine. Then in the middle ages, it became associated with romantic love. But these days, especially in Taiwan, Valentine's Day has evolved into a reason to bring boyfriends and husbands _shopping_. FTV's Michella Weng takes you to see how businesses here are encouraging people to express their love.##

[[int'l news footage of Valentine's Day celebrations]]
While European in origin, Valentine's Day has become something of a celebration of love around the world.
從歐州傳來的西洋情人節 幾乎已經成為世界各地的節慶

We talked to some international residents in Taipei and learned how they spend it their home countries.

Sound bite: (in Japanese)
Ran Endo
Japanese Woman

Sound bite: (in Japanese)
Yuki Maeyama
Japanese Man
On Valentine’s Day, women may bring their male co-workers chocolate. And on White Day, guys may buy or bake cookies for girls, said these Japanese residents.
這兩位日本人說 在日本 西洋情人節時 通常女生會給男同事巧克力
而白色情人節 男生可能會買或自己做餅乾請女生

And what about Switzerland?

Sound bite: (In English)
Nick Vasiljevic
Swiss Man
It's a relatively new holiday. In Switzerland, we like the mountains a lot, so usually, we take a holiday to the mountains.
對我們來說 這是一個新的節日 因為我們很喜歡山 所以我們通常都會到山上渡假

[[Valentine's Day marketing]]
For several weeks now, businesses in Taiwan have been working hard to promote Valentine's Day offerings, including extravagant romantic dinners, hotel packages and gift items. It's a scene that has dominated most of the island, and the marketing effect is changing the local culture. It may be fun for the people who take part in the festivities, but it can also be aggravating for people who wish to stay out of it.
跟往年一樣 台灣廠商抓緊情人節帶來的商機
包括奢華的情人節套餐 飯店住宿 還有精品
參與的人覺得很有趣 但是不參與的民眾可能會覺得很煩

[[in front of Chanel window display]]
Closing stand-up:
Michella Weng
FTV Reporter
While some say Valentine's Day in Taiwan has become over commercialized, it may be good news for some girls, but it sure can get painful for some guys.
Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.
雖然有一些人覺得台灣的西洋情人節已經太商業化 對女生來說可能事件好事
民視新聞 古高樹 翁郁容 台北採訪報導

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