Thursday, 2 March 2006

Reporting: Flourless Delight

This report aired 25 January 2006.

Slug: Flourless Delight

Dessert lovers and carb watchers, get ready. In today's food feature, FTV's Michella Weng takes you to a restaurant which prides itself for its flourless chocolate cake.##

Opening stand-up:
Michella Weng
FTV Reporter
Some weight-conscious people are often looking for ways to cut down on the intake of carbohydrates. Well, we think we've found another way.
怕胖的人經常尋找低碳水化合物的食品 我們似乎爲您找到了一個好方法

This is a place known for its Schwarzwaelder-Kirschtorte, or black forest cake.
這家餐廳的招牌菜就是 Schwarzwaelder-Kirschtorte 黑森林蛋糕

Jhou Shu-ying
黑森林蛋糕來自德國歐洲 它這麼有名這麼有特色
因為它完全是沒有麵粉的 我們的真材實料都是來自歐洲
吃的感覺不會綿綿甜甜 很膩 我們的有顆粒狀 入口即化
The black forest cake comes from Germany, explained owner Jhou Shu-ying. What's special about ours is that it's completely flourless. Our ingredients are all imported from Europe and our cake's not too sweet and has texture. It melts in your mouth.

Instead of flour, they use hazelnut powder. Other essential ingredients are almond, chocolate and cocoa powder, eggs, sugar, cherry and cherry liqueur, and of course, lots and lots of fresh cream with dark chocolate shavings on top.
老闆娘用榛果代替麵粉 其他主要的材料還有杏仁粉 巧克力粉 可可粉
蛋 糖 櫻桃和櫻桃酒 還有 很多很多的鮮奶油和黑巧克力削

Now, while hazelnut powder contains significantly fewer carbs than flour, the cake is still not exactly low-fat. It sure looks worth trying though.
雖然榛果粉的碳水化合物的確比麵粉少 但是並不代表吃了就不會胖喔

This restaurant-cafe also serves a variety of home-style German food and has a nice patio area which is just perfect as Spring is right around the corner.
這家餐廳也提供其他的德國家常料理 還有室外的座位

Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.
民視新聞 馬登洲 翁郁容 台北採訪報導

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