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Reporting: Persian cuisine

This was aired 13 Feb 2006

Slug: Persian Cuisine

Culinary offerings in Taiwan's capital have taken another step on the road to internationalization, this time with the opening of a Persian restaurant.
Michella Weng takes us for a sampling of some of the middle eastern treats in store for diners.##

[[chef making flat bread outside]]
Flat bread is one of the most common types of bread eaten in Iran. It can be had with other dishes, or wrapped around meats and chopped vegetables.
在伊朗 烤餅是一種普遍的麵食 你可以配著其他餐點享用 或者捲著肉和菜來吃

[[kitchen, preparing kebabs, shishkebabs]]
Speaking of meats, they need to be prepared according to Muslim principles, or Halal. Before slaughtering, the animal must be in good health and is given water to drink to quench its thirst. It is then pointed in the direction of Mecca and then killed in the least painful way possible.
說到肉 伊朗料理的肉都必須要經過傳統回教的處理方法
屠殺之前 一定要先確認動物健康狀況良好 然後餵它一點水讓它解渴
之後再把它轉向麥加 使用最不痛的方法來屠殺

Barbeques and stews are popular in Persian food. In a traditional home, meals are usually planned out days in advance by women, who usually don't work, but rather just tend to domestic affairs.
傳統的伊朗女生通常都是家庭主婦 也是因為如此 每天晚上的菜色

Sound bite: (in English)
Mohsen Amini
It takes a long time to prepare the food, so we don't eat two or three kinds of meat in one meal. One meat in one meal and vegetables.
準備的時間都很長 所以我們不會一餐吃兩三種肉
一餐一種肉 搭配青菜

Also, saffron, the world's most expensive spice by weight, is used quite frequently, and generously in this restaurant. There's much research on the health benefits of saffron, and in Iran, it's commonly known as an aphrodisiac for men as well.
還有世界最貴的香料 番紅花 在波斯料理當中也經常被使用
很多研究報告都說番紅花對身體好 也是一種男生的天然春藥

[[tasting food]]
Sound bite
Michella Weng
FTV Reporter
It's really tender. They've marinated the meat for a good three days before it gets cooked and then plated. So it's very, very tender and practically melts in your mouth.
真的很嫩 他們先把肉醃製了三天然後再煮 所以非常非常的軟 幾乎入口即化

[[everyone eating, smoking hookah]]
So if you're interested in trying something Middle Eastern but don't know where to start, why not Persian food? There's plenty of culinary and other exploring to be done here.
如果您想要嘗試中東文化 也可以考慮試試波斯料理

Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.
民視新聞 陳煜彬 翁郁容 台北報導

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