Thursday, 14 September 2006

Getting ready for the showdown

I was off today, getting ready for an eight-day stretch, 7 of which are on the night shift. My assigner called and said to get several sets of clothing ready and do not expect to get off work on time tomorrow (since when do we ever get off work on time?).

Here are pictures I took on Day 1, I hope to find time to take some more tomorrow night (Day 7) during the parade around the central part of the city, around the Presidential Office and the President's residence. If the demonstrators don't disperse by tomorrow night when their application expires, then the police will have to start hauling them away, which will most definitely cause rioting. I have a very bad feeling about all of this.

Unhappy citizens

Smiling, unhappy citizens

Demonstrators and the Presidential Office in the background

One of the demonstration organizers

Police temporarily letting morning commuters through

Camera crews sitting through thunderstorms with the demonstrators

SNG vans standing by to broadcast live or transmit video back to the station.

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