Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Media circus

The Japanese tourists are going nuts and I'm going nuts.

The president of their company was so upset about the reports and especially at TVBS for fasely reporting that they brought bodyguards that he ordered his employees to not speak to the media anymore while they are in Taiwan. Good for him, but sucks for reporters. Yesterday, I had to secretly interview the tourists, which I didn't like and they didn't like. It sucks! I suggested that we can do stories on the food they'll be eating and the very local and interesting places that they'll be visiting, but they were not interested. The audience seem to like food stories no matter what. I saw stations pairing stingray cuisine stories with Steve Irwin's death. It's disgusting! But even Formosa TV was doing it. More and more people are not watching TV news anymore, and I wonder why...

I'm so happy I have these two days off. My body is totally broken and my mind is about to burst.

Here's a picture with Trendy, whom I would love love love to see right now.

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DICEY said...

Guess it's an Asian thing. You can always hook them with food.