Monday, 4 September 2006

Threatening works

Well, I didn't really threaten. I just harassed him. And he emailed back. Yay!

Today was tiring. A media circus has formed around the 700 Assuran employees on holiday in Taiwan. All the stations have been angling stories and stories about how much rich the owners are, how much money the employees are spending. I personally think one was enough. But one station even went live at their dinner banquet. The travelers must think we're nuts here. I love using Japanese for work, but I really hope they don't make me do any more of these crazy stories.

I went to work dressed in a nice, red, short Shanghai Tang qipao, grey pants and the cute white sandals with a velvet ribbon from Kanematsu and I tucked my hair behind my ears and put on some clear plastic earrings with blue flowers in them. Mom thought I was being wasteful wearing such an expensive thing to work, but it worked out really well. It looked elegant, but not too dressy. I got lots of compliments, including from the Japanese travelers. I showed up in some of TVBS's shots, and I thought it looked pretty good. Clothes are meant to be worn, not kept in the closet! I could still bring this out for a party, but wear my hair differently, put on sparkly earrings, go without the pants and put on some dressy shoes. Couture is so much fun. Thank you, Mama!

Tomorrow will be day 6 of my 6-day shift. So tired and starting to munch...


miNgo said...

as long as you don't start dressing provocative i won't have any complaints. everything in the closet should be worn more than twice. otherwise it should be returned

Trendy said...

Hey, post a pix of the dress! I can't wait to see it.