Sunday, 4 March 2007

Back to school

I'm going back to school. :)

To art school, that is. I still can't commit to formally taking a class, but my print teacher (who became the head of the graduate school of print art last year) doesn't care - he just told me to come and "have fun" when I have time and he'll teach me as long as he's there. We need more teachers like this, so more amateurs like me will be encouraged to try and so that the art can become more popularized and grow as well.

It's been more than a year since I've sketched, and I've forgotten nearly everything I've learned. He's having me sketch for a while, and I suppose when the time's right, I can start carving and printing.

Amy called this "優子的害羞" because she says it looks like a shy girl. I suppose so, because the flower isn't facing forward, and even though it's beautiful and even has a little bit of fragrance, it doesn't want to be noticed and therefore is turning away.

The sketch didn't turn out that well, but I noticed that when I was doing it, I was smiling almost the whole time. Maybe it was the sketching, maybe it was the flowers or maybe it was both. But I've definitely rediscovered something else I love.

Since the top flower didn't turn out very well, 鍾老師 told me to draw a bigger one and to try again. I guess the second one on the left does look a little more like a flower. :)

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