Monday, 12 March 2007


On career:
For the past two months and especially so in the last three weeks, I had been completely unmotivated. I fell into a downward spiraling whirlpool of negative thinking that my coworkers and most reporters have. I felt like I was flushing myself down the toilet, complaining along with everyone about everything, especially about my boss. Then Dad said, "never complain about your boss, ever." After I figured out why, my three-month motivation dry spell all of a sudden went away and ideas and energy came flooding in. I feel like a winner among most of my coworkers and peers, and I even proactively discuss things with my boss now. I had forgotten that complaining gets no one anywhere, whether or not the reason behind the complaint is valid. Now I remember. Thanks, Dad!

On family:
At dinner on my birthday, I remembered what a wonderful family I have. Everyone was so appreciative of each other, of our life, of the food on the table and of the chance to be together. It would have been even more perfect if Michael were there, but I suppose it makes the time when we can get all get together something to look forward to even more.

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