Saturday, 3 March 2007

Speech for high school broadcast club

An acquaintance called me at 22h30 one night, asking if I was off the next day. In a situation like this, it is never good. It turned out that the TVBS anchor the high school broadcast club he founded had fallen through, and he was in desperate need of another anchor/reporter to speak about what the job is like and how to become a good reporter or presenter to a group of 40 kids. Well, I was off the next day and I promised. I guess I wanted to help, and I thought I could use the practice and get a little more exposure. But I ended up making slides until 3 in the morning and running to the office in the morning to get clips of different types of news and also to take pictures of the news department. The presentation turned out alright - better than the last, but still could be better.

Production center - where editors come up with headlines, rundowns and monitor other TV stations' broadcasts

News gathering center - where the reporters work; a mess of desks, computers, press releases and newspapers

News gathering center - Abby typing her script

Video editing - reporter and cameraman discussing how the roll should be put together

Video editing - Irene voicing over her script (one of the few reporters that know how to edit videos too)

Video editing

Subcontrol room - where the program director cues the anchor, rolls video, etc

Studio - where filming is done or broadcasted live; the blue background enables the subcontrol room to put whatever the like in the background; since it's blue, we can't wear anything blue when presenting, otherwise we turn "invisible" and melt right into the background

Teleprompter - what the anchor reads from; controlled by a petal on the floor that the anchor steps on to scroll

As you can see, our station's equipment and facilities are quite behind, which gives a hint at how much penny pinching is going on here.

If anyone's interested, I can post the slides I made as well. Just let me know. ;)

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