Thursday, 29 March 2007

Keeping busy

Just when I think that life couldn't get any busier, it always does. I've had either work, class, appointments or all of the above nearly every single day since February. Both my body and mind are totally drained, but I am happy.

Work is work. I'm steadily getting better at what I do, and while getting back onto good terms with my boss, I've also found a way to get around her when I want to. There are days like today - spending the morning at the Legislature watching MP's yell at the education minister - that really make my life miserable, but there are better days too.

My speeches are getting better. I gave another one on English TV news and how to report/present general TV news at Feng Chia University on Sunday. They were nice enough to laugh at (some) of my jokes and manage to not fall asleep. Preparation for the speech took a long time, but it was well worth it, since it was another chance to practice, a chance to ride the bullet train down to Taichung and also a chance to have dinner with Amy and Takeki at their new shop and restaurant.

Art class is going well. I've only attended two sessions so far, but I'm really enjoying them, whether I'm allowed to sketch flowers or made to draw boxes.

I've even made time to meet Mom and Dad for lunch or dinner once a week.

And somewhere in between, I've managed to fall in love.

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