Monday, 2 June 2008

Brain dead & Lugang 秀斗了 & 鹿港

The last day of my night shift, I reported live in the thunderstorm, about the thunderstorm. I think that's where my brain shorted out completely.

Then on the last day of my ten-day shift, we drove three hours to Lugang and three hours back to film preparations for the dragon boat festival, historical streets/sites of Lugang and the tasty things to be had there. This was the first of 30 travel reports and was scheduled to be aired this Friday. Here are some pictures we took while waiting for the deputy county commissioner to arrive. More pictures here:

The Lugang Longshan Temple was built in the 17th century and moved to its current location in 1786. It is a class-one historical site.

We waited for nearly two hours for the deputy county magistrate to arrive and had lots and lots of time to “shoot.”

Traditional musical performance at the temple. From a tourist's point of view, I really hoped for better. The were so off-beat and off-key that even I could not bear it.

Lin Yitong (林以通) had to have both arms amputated after an accident with a high voltage power line. The accident also left his face heavily scarred. After some training, he now makes a living by drawing fans in Lugang on the weekends and doing oil paintings at home during the week, using his mouth to hold the brushes. I bought a fan from him and he wrote my name and my favorite saying on it. I asked my cameraman to get some footage of him. Hopefully it’ll help him.

Oyster pancakes.

These literally mean "shrimp monkey," but they're a crustacean.

All this fried street food gave me diarrhea. Not only am I a snob in my head, I guess I'm also a snob in my stomach.

Pou Chen (billion USD corp that got its fame in producing shoes for Nike, Dr Martens, etc) female migrant worker team

Eating watermelon with Changhua County Deputy Magistrate Zhang Ruibin (pinyin 張瑞濱) on the dock

After getting back from Lugang, it was already 20h30, and I still had a three-hour voice over session to do, but the dubbing guy was not there. I called and left a message on his mobile, waited an hour and he still didn't call or come back. So on my precious only day off today, I spent the afternoon in the recording studio after doing three loads of laundry. And then the office tells me that the Tourism Bureau changed their mind and doesn't want Lugang and the dragon boat festival. Instead, they want Sun Moon Lake and what it has to offer Chinese tourists. The good: I get to run away from daily news reporting to film Sun Moon Lake. The bad: the story airs Friday, leaving only Wednesday to film and no almost time to write and edit the story. The ugly: I may have to go in Thursday, my next day off, to finish production of the story.

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