Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Please treat your audience like real people 把觀眾當人對待吧

An NHK program.

Lesson 1: topics involving shared memories among many many people have a lot of potential
Lesson 2: must do market research and understand what the audience wants, rather than thinking about what they want from inside the TV station, producing content and then realizing the result after ratings come in

Unfortunately, it feels as if Lesson 2 won't be learned around here anytime soon. Sometimes I feel the editors and producers treat the audience how bad owners treat their dogs - they feed the dog whatever and if the dog eats it, they guess it's OK, and if the dog doesn't eat it, it can starve until it has to eat it. They never take the time to think about what the dog likes and what the dog needs and how the dog really ought to be fed to make it happy and healthy. Sometimes I feel that editors and producers around here sit in their ivory towers and and give the audience what they think make the ratings go up, rather than conduct surveys or go into crowds and observe what people are doing, what they are interested in or what they need. Sigh. My observations and their assumptions are totally incongruent, so my ideas and story pitches almost always die in midair. Sigh again.

NHK 的節目。
感想1: 有共同回憶的題目很討喜,有淺能。
感想2: 一定要做市調了解觀眾要的是什麼,

該吃什麼 ,給牠吃什麼才會健康、快樂。

(video via fjumonkey)

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Snowdrops said...

Hi Michella, I've been reading your blog for a while now, and am always impressed by your bubbly enthusiasm, your professionalism and above all your joie de vivre even when you encounter obstacles and unreasonable people in your line of work. The fact that Taiwanese media have reporters like you who keeps the noble ideals of journalism alive even in the face of indifference gives us hope.

The reason I finally de-lurk and comment here (your blog posts have always been consistently great btw) is because I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for pointing us to the interview with Doraemon's creators. Their story is so inspiring! I'm particularly moved by his talk about how even apparently "useless kids" like Dai Hung can find their true vocation if they persevere with something that they love. This is such a valuable lesson that I myself have to keep relearning (even though it's been a looong time since I've been a kid), and I think you are also another living example of a person who've found her true vocation. Keep up the good work Michella! The world needs more true journalists like you :)