Sunday, 21 December 2008

ING run

Every year in December, ING hosts an international marathon in Taipei, and this year, I finally ran. Just came home from it, in fact. Of course, I didn't run the marathon - I ran the 9k, just 1 step above the 3k kiddie fun run. Event organizers boasted some 100,000 runners out there today, and I sure felt it! If I remember correctly, they closed off six lanes for runners to use, and it still wasn't enough. Next time, I'm starting at the end of the pack.

Maybe one day I'll sign up for the half-marathon. 21k's doable, but it'll take regular training. I can't do anything regularly these days. Even my wake-up time is different nearly every day. Today was 5h30, yesterday was 3h00, tomorrow (so far) is 6h45...

Time for a nap. Then it's off to the art school to print print print!

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