Friday, 19 December 2008

Poochies at bedtime

The gang in my room at Mom & Dad's right before bedtime. Hero the Barbarian was downstairs in the living room.

Oreo is the only one that's athletic enough to jump on my bed these days - UNINVITED. She always hogs the bed, squishing me to one of the corners, where I have to sleep curled up or at least one of my limbs will dangle off the bed and cause me to fall off sometime in the middle of the night. And she also moves off her towel, leaving hair all over my comforter.

I miss the days when it was Miffy that slept on my bed with me when we were little. Mom doesn't like dogs on the bed, so when she'd check on us and turn off the lights for us at bedtime, and she caught Miffy on the bed, she'd shoo her off. So Miffy and I came up with a routine - she'd wait in her bed on the floor until Mom came in and turned off the lights. Once the lights were off and the door closed, I'd say "OK!" and boing! up she sprang. And she's sleep perfectly on top of a towel I have on my bed to catch her hair, too. And when Mom came back for something, she'd hop off just in time. Of course, we'd get caught sometimes, but how can anyone be mad at Miffy? We used to go to sleep like that every night until I went away to college.

When I have my own dog one day, I think I'd like a Sheltie, or another smart, med-small sized, elegant-looking girl dog. I'd like to name her "Grace Kelly." And if I have a boy dog, maybe "Frank Astaire" or "Frank Sinatra," a med-small sized, sportier dog. And if I have TWO boy dogs, maybe "George" and "Ira," as in the Gershwin brothers.


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