Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Old soul, where are you?

Please, no more set-ups with “little opens,” (小開) sons of wealthy people. This last guy is the son of a wealthy and controversial businessman. Living a wealthy life with a career and lifestyle predetermined by their parents is nothing bad, but the kind of person that lives a life like that is just not the kind I like. I chose not to go into telecom, which Dad is in, nor i-banking, which Dad wanted me to do. I chose my own path, which was media. And along this path, I’m making my own decisions about what to do and where to go. Of course, I ask Dad for advice when I need it, but I’m not blindly following the path that’s been laid out for me. Some may argue that they don’t have a choice, and I respect that, but I gave myself a choice, and I am proud of that. I admire people that venture out and carve out a path for them self. They make their own decisions and work hard for what they believe in. They determine their own destiny and fulfill their own dream. That is the kind of person that I like.

I want to meet someone that thinks happiness and sharing is as important as being successful. Someone who is international so his view of the world isn’t confined to one island or national border carved out by politicians. Someone who is kind and appreciative. Someone who is successful yet humble.

I don’t know when I got so “old.” I think I need another old soul to be my companion.

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Peter said...

But if you're looking for such kind of 才子, you may well need to bear in mind two things:

1) because they need to 開山劈石、披荊斬棘 (whether for their career or their own business enterprises), they may have little time and/or attention for you; and

2) because of their business or career demands to socialize and negotiate at certain settings, they may "need" or "have" to go to places where you wouldn't approve, whether you like it or not (something a lot of women don't understand and couldn't appreciate).

It's not easy to stomach, especially for the emotionally needy or jealous types. You might need to have some mental preparation for such eventualities.