Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Pictures from work

Just a few misc pix from work.

Reporting on Taiwanese travelers coming back from Thailand after Bangkok airport was closed due to protests. We were at Taoyuan airport two nights until nearly midnight that week. A-hai, my cameraman bought us instant noodles from the convenient store in the arrival lobby. Two nights, two bowls of instant noodles. I think I maxed out my salt intake allowance for the next two weeks. On the bright side, it was kind of fun eating cup o noodles in an airport lobby. Certainly makes for interesting memory.


Kids' math competition. I was thinking, "seated, these six year old kids' feet don't even touch the floor and they're already taking math exams?" But apparently, some of these kids actually found it fun. Hm.


A travel agent (郭正利,天喜旅行社) held a press conference rebuffing rumors of cashflow problems and bankruptcy. As part of the show, he brought TWD30 mn (USD908.000 )to the PC and put it on the table for reporters to see. Last year, he held an incredibly high profile and extravagant wedding, drawing plenty of media attention and live reporting every hour from almost all TV stations. This guy really knows how to use the media to his advantage.

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