Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Had Thanksgiving dinner with Mom and Dad at Nonzero after work. Mom confessed, “we were thinking about buying you takeout for you earlier.”

“What? Why? And how come we’re eating here now?” I asked.
“Well, your Dad’s had two speeches this week and he’s been sleeping really late, but I was talking to Daniel and listening to how he was so excited and looking forward to having a full turducken feast with Quyen and all of their friends, then I thought I’d feel especially sorry for you if you had to eat take-out turkey all by yourself at your flat.”
“Oh.” I said. “Thank you.”
“Filial piety in our family’s turning the other way, Honey,” said Dad.
“Yes, lucky me!” I said. “So where’s the turkey? Aren’t we having turkey tonight?”
“The turkey’s in class,” Dad said, referring to Michael. He likes to call Michael “Turkey,” like “bozo.” Michael’s been going to GMAT cram school at night these days, so no turkey for the turkey. And no turkey for us either.

We still had a nice dinner together at Nonzero, and Mom brought me a Thanksgiving present – a really cute reindeer from Starbucks, with different colors and texture patches. I love it!

What shall I name it? Dasher? Dancer? Prancer? Well, the position of the patches remind me of Oreo’s and King, so I think I'll name him “Boxer.”

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Now looking forward to dinner on Christmas Eve with Mom, Dad, Michael, Daniel, Quyen, Uncle Cody and family and Ann! With turkey and all!

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