Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dad's birthday

Dad had his birthday late June, and on a Friday night after work, Michael and I made our way back to Danshui, barely awake/alive to celebrate. Dad said, "How nice of you guys to come home, and with presents too. Thanks! But you guys watch it. If you don't come back more often, Mom and I are going to take turns having birthdays every two weeks and force you guys to come home and celebrate, WITH PRESENTS." Hee hee.

Mom made her famous beef steak (but salmon for me, which I couldn't even finish half of).

Michael: (who took the rest of my fish back with him)

And me, with the cute pearl bracelet and earrings from Quyen and Daniel:

And us having fun with the night shot function on my camera:

The wanchan's supervising Mom in the kitchen, in front of a fan. Miffy was on the other side.

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