Thursday, 13 August 2009

Gina day

Spent the day with Gina yesterday. We went to get her a hair cut (after finishing Harvard Business School and a Boston-LA trip on a Vespa, she really needed one) and a perm, then to the train station to buy tickets, then to an early dinner of warm fish salad and chanterelle penne at Nonzero.

The hair stylist is the one I always go to in Taipei, and whose name cards I always carry in my purse to give to random people on the street when they come to me asking where I get my hair cut. She was recommended to me by my stylist Yamaguchi-sensei (whom my godmother introduced me to) in Tokyo.

Happy Hair 快樂髮型 (not the coolest name, I know)
#2 Ms Su 蘇金雀老師
+886 2 2712 7146
(she's off Sundays)
Price (for my haircut): TWD850 or so

Boms ボムズ
+81 3 3462 6245
恵比寿西 2-21-1 ジョワレ代官山 1F (最寄り駅は代官山です)
He is absolutely amazing. I just sit there and let him work his magic. When I come back to Taiwan, I ask 蘇老師 do cut it the same way 山口先生 cut it.
Price (for my haircut): JPY15.000

As an added bonus, this is where I get my facials, since that's the other question people ask me all the time:
Enny's 忠孝店
Ask for Sherry 黃老師
+886 2 2772 0338
please call for address, closest MRT station is Sun Yat-sen Memorial 國父紀念館
My treatments average out to be TWD1000 a session, and I go once a month.

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