Monday, 17 August 2009

The end isn't really the end, or is it?

Having said that the end is only a point in time, what about the point or everything else that comes after it? I think I will believe that what comes after what we call the "end" is a "beginning."

The last scene in the movie "送りびと/送行者/Departures," the man takes the stone from his dead father's hands in front of him to his wife, pregnant with his child, behind him, depicting one life ending and another one just beginning in a flowing continuity.

Come to think of it, Joanne's death sparked the beginning of a relationship - one with myself. I began to talk to myself (everyone knows I'm crazy) when no one is listening. I started getting to know myself better - what to do with myself, how to teach myself to think in spiritual terms. If only I had thought of it this way then, maybe the mourning process that nearly killed me would have been easier. If only.

So I guess the end isn't really the end. Being able to look forward to a new beginning is nice. But I must remember to treasure the present before the end, and before I look forward to the new beginning.

Who said that babbling at four in the morning is not healthy? Well, maybe my liver does. I guess a healthy mind does still needs a healthy liver, so off to bed I go.

Here is the trailer for the movie I mentioned above. One of my favorites.

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