Friday, 21 August 2009

What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

I read about this Marilyn vos Savant, who has the highest recorded IQ (228) in the world, in the Financial Times and loved what she said.

"I live for wisdom and beauty, which make me happy. In my own experience, wisdom comes from finding truth and understanding it. Beauty comes from people, in a great variety of ways: love, music, art and much more."

I really like that, and I find it similar to what drives me. I would say for me, the search for wisdom and beauty makes me happy, and to share that happiness with other people makes me even happier.

So tell me, what makes you happy? Double Rainbow's blueberry or lychee flavored ice-cream? (Yes, those make me happy too.)

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Sebastian X said...

What makes me happy?

I think it would be -- if my family and friends happy, then i'm happy^^