Thursday, 20 August 2009

Remedies for a bad day, #1

One day, I'd like to write a book, or maybe two or three. I love to write, but mostly I babble. I can write news stories, but not much else. I'm going to learn how to write...other things...somehow.

Mom gave me the idea of writing a book that helps people out of their lousy days and bad moods, since I seem adept at getting myself out of emotional ugliness. Amy suggested a title along the lines of "100個治療壞心情的處方" (roughly translates into "100 prescriptions to cure a bad day").

Two days ago, I found the first prescription.

#1. Go home and look at the flower on the balcony. Look at them and touch them until they make you smile. The flowers are smiling at you already. Just remember to smile back.

With my two Momzillas on the rampage and the night shift eating away at morale, I've been a little down. Every night when I get home, I water some of the plants again because it's been so hot, and I noticed that this week especially, I've been spending more time looking at those lovely things I've been growing. Only the Madagascar periwinkles have flowers right now, but seeing how the hydrangeas are starting to grow buds that will bloom next year, how the Cattelya orchids are growing new roots, the Phalaenopsis orchids and kumquat tree are healthily shooting out new leaves and the African magical berry trees that I've planted from a seed are actually growing, it's just so comforting. So comforting that I always end up smiling.

One remedy down, 99 more to go.

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