Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ami, Yusa and Shizuka at Karumu

smoked duck and organic salad

story time

fruit kuzu jello

human dishwasher

Shizuka's cake, as sweet as she

Ami and Yusa-chan came over for dinner at Karumu the first night I was back in Tokyo. We went to buy デパ地下 (department store deli) food, which may be the tastiest take-out you'll ever find.

The following night when Shizuka heard that we were having delivery soba for dinner on Mama's birthday (the party was the day after), she said it was unacceptable and then showed up with a cake, candles and champagne. Why didn't I think of getting a cake or something? Hm. I think my brain is broken. I've been a little retarded lately. 頭殼壞去了 壞去了!

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