Thursday, 24 August 2006

20080824 Work journal

I think I'm going to stop trying to think in Chinese. It's not getting me anywhere and I feel like an idiot. I just can't do it.

I've been working in Chinese for 5 months now, and although my Chinese has improved a little, I don't think I've made any progress in thinking, especially on my feet. I've been working so hard, but inefficiently; and efficiency hasn't improved at all... What I hoped to do was to train myself to think in Chinese, since I had to write and speak in Chinese, and I thought it would be more efficient in the long run. Five months later, no change. I just feel stupid, still. Should I stick it out? Or should I go back to my most familiar language and use that to help me get on track first? Am I being logical? What do you think, Friends?

20060824 Michella Jade 工作日記


角度: 有趣,另類教育

角度: 很貴,"x頭包"是什麼意思
做了一個stand-up,目的是凸顯三頭鮑有多麼的大 + 想把新聞做得活撥一點
東森切的角度比較有深度 - 提到大陸有錢人越來越多,現在比台灣還會搶鮑魚


早上 - (活動) 機器人大賽 - 小學生做機器人,有的靠4隻腳走,有的靠震動走
下午 - 週六雙月亮 - 8/26晚上會看到兩個月亮(其實一個是很亮的火星),在272年後才會看到
目標 - 增加線索,寫稿速度加快


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Annie said...

Yes, you are being too logical. 5 months is not a very long time, compared to the number of years you have been thinking in English. Just give yourself a little more time and when you write, don't force yourself to think in either Chinese or English. I am sure as time goes on, you will be able to write without even noticing which language you are thinking.

Gambate ne!