Monday, 21 August 2006

Dying phoenix

Today was another rough day.

I woke up tired and walked around like a zombie all day. My throat was also hurting, so the signs were not good.

When I got back to the station this morning, I thought I wrote my script pretty quickly, and felt good about it, but my assigner basically rewrote the whole thing. I hoped to feel better by telling myself, at least she didn't change the structure. She didn't say much, so I suppose it was alright, just rough around the edges. I can tell that she's trying really hard to be polite with me. While I appreciate it immensely, I hope she doesn't go back into depression because of that.

I couldn't find anything to do in the afternoon, so I very reluctantly walked outside to pick up lunch with a coworker. I didn't feel like eating, but I could feel myself short of glucose and getting dizzy and lethargic. And it was so hot that it made me not want to eat even more. But in the end, I settled for a 潤餅. I was lucky to get one because the lady was packing up and she had one last one left on the counter. That was as lucky as I got.

In the afternoon, Yuping gave me a Hoklo opera to do, but the PC turned out to be somewhat of a sham. The interesting bit was that there were groups from Singapore and Xiamen and Taiwan that were supposed to be performing, but when I got to the venue, there were only Taiwanese groups. So I had to resort to doing traditional vs modern Hoklo opera. I was really falling asleep during the performance. And the PC dragged on and on and on...

And since it was a easy piece, Yuping asked me to do another one, my sweet potato cuisine story I had filmed but not yet written and and edited.

But halfway through the sweet potato story, she came to me and asked me what A3 in the evening paper was all about. Oh my god, I thought, I had missed a story. It was about some novelists announcing that they'll be pitching in the movement against Chen, and they were having a meeting this afternoon. By that time, it was already 16h30, which meant that the meeting was probably over. When I grabbed my mobile to call Leslie at ERA, I realized that she had called me earlier and that if I had heard my phone, I wouldn't have had missed the bloody thing. It was a terrible feeling. Apparently, all the stations were there. Naturally, Yuping had me figure out a way to get a copy of the story from another station, but in the meantime, I also had to help the Politics desk write a complaint to Aveda in English, which was part of a report, and Yuping was already sending me out to FTV's soundstage at CTS to interview someone in Japanese. In the end, I ended up not filing the sweet potato story and also gave the opera story to someone else to finish. Now, it felt pretty good to be asked to do things that others couldn't, but I felt like I ended up with nothing for the afternoon. The show at CTS was supposed to be at 18h00, which meant that we were probably getting back after 18h30. Well, the show getting delayed, so we were there for ever and ever. By the time 20h00 rolled by, we were still there, I was starving and had already missed my appointment with Wise. We eventually got back in at nearly 21h00, and didn't get home until after 22h00. One nice thing that happened though, was running into Mom's voice teacher 小百合 on the show. She was quite encouraging, and I appreciated it. At least I have 1 confidence point back, which brings me at 11 out of 100 or so...?

I had a protein shake in the car and thought I'd go to bed as soon as I got home, but Mom and Dad were just finish up dinner, so they asked me to join them and have the rest of the squid noodles. I didn't plan on eating more than one bite, but it was so delicious I finished the whole plate. I'm going to go do a story on those squid noodles. Too many bites of spicy, salty fried goya and a small slice of Michael and Lydia's banana cake later, here I am, and it's 23h00. I'm feeling fat, tired and my throat hurts.

I have to get on the right track.

I wish someone can set fire to me and reduce me and my sorry plumes to ashes right now. Perhaps then I can reincarnate back into a new Michella Jade, just like Dumbledorf's phoenix.


Here's a picture of 小百合 and I. I took it to send to Mom. I look so worn.

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haven't heard from mom's voice coach in a while.