Sunday, 4 November 2007

Change of scenery

In the 16 short hours I spent in Danshui, I played with the dogs, got out the winter clothes (it started getting chilly only recently) and disconnected my stereo set to bring back to Taipei. To make room for the stereo, I moved my books out to the living room, and voila, new scenery and what a beautiful sound it makes. Actually, half the system is Uncle Tsu's - the Ferrari red Usher speakers and DAC are his, and the tube amp was a birthday present from him two years ago. It's a regular DVD player sitting on the bottom there.

Because it gets really damp and humid in Danshui in the winter, I also brought back my kimono. I've hung it up, and tomorrow while I'm at work, I'm going to turn on the dehumidifier. I think I'm going to try to wear it at least once this quarter, but not to an omiai (matchmaking). It's so beautiful. Thank you, Mama. Speaking of omiai, I have a funny story to tell another day.

After all that moving though, I think I sprained my back. Ouch. Maybe if I keep my abdominal muscles tight, it'll get me through to when my back's healed.

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