Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Whew and comfort food

Today, I was the five-reports-and-one-live girl. But now I feel more dead than alive. I think this ties with the six stories I did in one day last year. Interestingly, Shen Shen was my assigner on both of these days, and even though they were exhausting days, they weren't unpleasant days. She just assigns, leaves me alone to work and then edits when my story needs editing. And when I don't know what to do, she tells me exactly how to do it.

I'm getting faster at writing these days. I was done with everything around 17h30 and she told me to go home. Craving cottage cheese, I stopped by Jason's in Taipei 101 and picked some up, along with a container of yummy, creamy German yogurt. I was a little shocked at the cash register when some cottage cheese, cereal, granola bars and wheat biscuits came out to be over TWD1.000!

Not that expensive of a price to pay for comfort food, though. I miss America and Japan. Kryptonite and other neon colored cereal over Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons were such a treat. Wheat crackers and granola bars were what I lived on during my college rowing days. And cottage cheese was one of those midnight snacks that I attacked when I was writing my MBA thesis on private banking.

Those wonderful food memories...

My latest craving though - steamed Chinese egg pudding (蒸蛋). Both my moms have their versions of it, and both are really tasty, but these days, I don't get to taste either of them. :(

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