Thursday, 1 November 2007

Long day

It was a long and miserable day, full of stupidity and bureaucracy. Although I gained an EQ point or two somewhere along the way, I'm just so glad the day is over!

The silver lining over the rainbow, though, was another call from the mother of Yuwei, the boy paralyzed from the waist down. Yuwei's mother said an acupuncturist was just at their apartment earlier to give her son treatment. She said the doctor normally charges TWD 3.600 (USD 110) per session, but did it for free for them. What's more is that the doctor promised to keep coming over and giving him treatments (for free), in hopes that he will be able to use his legs to some extent one day. She called to tell me that this doctor saw my report on the news, called FTV and that's how they connected.

I was really touched. I hope this doctor's intentions really are well and genuine.

So although low on energy, low on spirit, I am...satisfied. And proud. And thankful.

Now I'm going to fall asleep to Star Movies and try to get some rest tomorrow before my weekly Taiwanese mess Saturday.

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