Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Month of superior problems

All this month, I've been having problems with my many superiors. The problem with doing many jobs is that there are many bosses and many more bosses above those many bosses to deal with. I have a news gathering boss and an anchoring boss.

I had another problem with my new gathering boss today. Twenty hours after my story on high school entrance exams (yeah, they have HS entrance exams in addition to college entrance exams here) went out, he boss calls me at home as I was preparing to come in and tells me he didn't understand my story and I should do another one today and incorporate what the newspapers printed this morning. I'm on the night shift, so this was in the afternoon. I asked what we did with it this morning and he said nothing, since no one, including himself, understood the matter. I just can not comprehend how he is an assigner and editor when he can't do either of those jobs, or even report for that matter. So twenty hours later, he tells me he doesn't understand the my story that he supposedly "edited" and told me to do another story, running a half day late behind the other stations. I'm very upset because he's once again made me responsible for his own mistakes and problems.

Here's what should have happened:
He should have edited my story. (He never edits.)
If my story was unclear, he should have fixed it.
If my story was incomprehensible, he should have made me redo it.
If there was something more in the newspapers that came out in the morning, he should have had the morning shift follow up on it, and then if that wasn't enough, have me work on it some more when I came in for the night shift.

Of course, none of that happened. And he sent me scrambling for interviews that I couldn't possibly do all by myself. Good thing I'm friendly with my colleagues on the beat and one of them made a copy of a couple of interviews for me.

That was the highlight of my day. Wonderful.

Now I still have to deal with the 26-hour shift that my anchor boss effectively put me on. I get off at 1h00 Saturday morning, but he's still making me anchor from 7h00 (meaning I have to start preparing before 04h00) all the way until 15h00. I told him that my body may not be able to handle it and he said, "sorry, if you don't anchor, Guiya will have to anchor too many segments." This is when I wanted to swear at him. There are other anchors available to cover me but he's just afraid to ask them. On the other hand, he's never been afraid to ask me to cover for other people. The MD's told him before to take me off the days I come off the night shift, but his bird brain snapped back to its old ways after that one time.

When I went to his boss about the schedule, I asked if I can anchor in the afternoon/evening instead, and he said "OK." But today, three days later, the schedule still looks the same. If it doesn't get changed by tomorrow, I'm going to the MD for "advice." I'm going to ask her how she manages to look energetic and come alive on screen when she is really the exact opposite. I can work, but I want her to know what I am going through. And I want her to know why I may have sunken eyes and a hoarse voice Saturday and why I may contract bronchitis or pneumonia and be out sick the entire next week.

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