Friday, 28 March 2008

Ow. 痛。

On the way to work, I took a big, nasty spill on wet tiles outside Zhongxiao Dunhua Station. I slipped and fell so fast and hard I didn’t even know what was happening until I was sliding along the tiles on my left side with the bike on top of me. I banged my knees and my head, and good thing I had both a helmet and a backpack on to break the fall. Oh, it was painful. And I guess at 8h15, everyone was in a rush to get to work so no handsome man stopped to help me up and ask me if I was OK and then invite me for coffee and then ask me to marry him. So after a “Jesus Christ!” I picked myself back up and resumed peddling.

Oh, the story doesn't end there. Then around 10h45, we practically flew from the zoo in far away Muzha to the Ministry of Education in the central district, I saw something like ten cameras all set up at the entrance of the lobby of the ministry. “Oh no! We’re so late!” I thought, and I swung the car door open, was dashing up the steps to the lobby until I felt my legs go weak and catch one of the steps instead of stepping on it. Realizing that I was tripping, my other leg tried to step up and stabilize, but that was weak too, so the other one forced its way up, but just couldn’t make it and I flew forward onto the landing and fell flat on my face. It went “clunk, clunk, clunk, splat!” Everyone turned around and said, “Michella?” More pain and embarrassment. Roy, my cameraman said, “I’ve never seen anyone fall UP the stairs before…”

The swelling’s gone down quite a bit and although there is still some red, much of it has turned black and blue. I don’t think I’ve looked like this since my karate days in college. No skirts for me anytime soon.

Tonight, I decided to not ride my bicycle to yoga and then home. Instead, I took a taxi and came straight home and repotted an orchid. No jogging either. I’m going to paint my nails and go to bed and forget today happened.


小夕 said...

OMG~Michella, r u ok??? how are you feeling right now? get any better?><
pls come closer, let me 秀秀 you LOL^^

小夕 said...

BTW, Michella, may I ask you a question? Do you think how to improve english? My english is not good~
I can write, but can't speak and my listening comprehension is bad~

Will you give me some advice? I'll appreciate that^__^

And one more question: is your eng. name is Michell"A" or Michell"E"? and why Michell"e"?^^

翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...

My wrists, knees and left lower leg are still in pain, but I think I'll live. Haha.

To answer your questions, yes, my name is Michella, with an "a." My father's American friend gave me that name when I was born. It's a strange-sounding name and I hated it when I was little because my school mates would make fun of me. Now I like it. I guess it's a name that you grow into.

As for learning English, I think your written English is quite good already! But if you want to improve your listening, watch English TV, movies, listen to English radio (ICRT or web radio). If you want to improve your speaking, repeat what you hear. And if you can, find someone to practice speaking English with. I once interviewed some Taiwanese college students who spoke excellent English. They've never studied abroad, but their English got so good because they forced each other to speak English for eight hours a day every day for a month or something like that. Try that if you can find partner(s) to do it with you.

I'm so happy that you're trying to improve your English. It's a great way to get to know the rest of the world.

小夕 said...

hi Michella, i'm glad to hear you get a bit better, but do u have to take a leave of absence to get more rest?^^

And thanks for your advice^^ It makes sense~ I'll act on your advice^^