Sunday, 16 March 2008

Super Sunday 超級星期天

Super Sunday, the last Sunday before elections took place today. I was posted at the KMT rally site in Taipei. There were supposedly more than ten thousand KMT supporters there, but compared to other locations, it was rather boring. Other rallies had plenty of props and skits and creative content, of course blasting the other side, but nonetheless, it seemed like a carnival if you turned the sound on the TV off and pretended the headlines did not mean anything.

Although I think the 1.5 million people (Mom and Dad included) who went out to rallies today are nuts, I do very much appreciate the democratic environment that we live in.

But after four hours of walking around in the sun covering the Tour de Taipei bicycle race and then three more hours standing the KMT rally, I’m totally exhausted!

Here is the KMT rally, where I was.

From the DPP rallies.

(photos via Apple Daily)


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