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Moriarty in HK last week

Went to HK last week to do a story on Moriarty, who came to play in Taipei today. Got to know the band, which is very eclectic. Not my favorite band, but I do have a couple of favorites in their Gee Whiz But this is a Lonesome Town album. Their music reminds me of Joanna Wang's (not the covers, but the songs she writes herself).

The scripts to the stories I wrote (Mandarin + Minnan and English)
Story 1:
[[NS 宣傳帶]]
[[NS 宣傳帶]]
[[stand-up 為了了解這個好像充滿了衝突的樂團,我們今天來到了香港。他們今天晚上要

[[NS 彩排]]
[[SB 樂團是由Thomas吹著他的口琴開始的,在很久以前。你如果用口琴音樂來組一個樂團
[[香港民眾 他們的歌曲很特別。是現代的音樂又有民謠元素,很有新鮮感。]]
民視新聞 翁郁容 郭文海 香港報導

Story 2:

[[ns 宣傳帶演唱]]
[[stand-up 現在我帶大家到後台認識團員們 走!]]
[[ns 我是Rosemary 我主要是唱歌 我是Stephan我彈double bass. 我是Thomas我吹口琴.
[[NS 音樂]]
[[Vincent 我覺得他們可以感覺到你是不是在亂來.所以我們就很努力的演唱.我覺得我們一
民視新聞 翁郁容 郭文海 香港報導

French band "Moriarty" has recently taken France and the UK by storm and has also tickled the ears of Asian music fans. Although from Paris, their music is of the American folk and bluegrass variety with a jazzy, cabaret-ish twist, AND they sing in English. This ecclectic band is coming to Taipei, and Michella Jade Weng brings you a preview of their show from Hong Kong.##

By their costumes, you'd think early 1900's. By their tunes, you'd think a bonfire somewhere in the American Midwest. Folkish, bluesy, jazzy, mysterious and rebellious - this is French band "Moriarty." French and English fans bought 70 thousand copies of their debut album last year, and Asian music listeners have become their newest group of followers.

Michella Jade Weng
To get to know this band better, we've come to Hong Kong today, where they'll be performing tonight, and behind us right now, they're on stage going through the last bits of rehearsal.

While the French stereotype is generally anti-American, they've seemed to have found a niche, but how did this all happen?

Stephan Moriarty
Band member
It started with Thomas and his harmonica a long time ago. When you start a band with a harmonica, you just end up with that kind of traditional music. We've played blues, bluegrass and other styles, and we're always hungry to try new things.

Hong Kong concert-goer
It's modern music with folk elements. It's very fresh.

[[NS Jimmy]]

They write all their songs together as a band, and in the stories they depict are anything from awaiting a family member's return, to young and naive women being drafted into the military and sent to war.

[[NS Lily]]

Between the six band members, they are of nine cultural origins, including French, American, Vietnamese, Norwegian and Peruvian. Perhaps its their cultural diversity that helps them keep bringing new ideas and perspectives to the music. Perhaps its their experiences too. They've played in mental institutions, on transatlantic boats and even prisons.

Vincent Moriarty
Band member
I think (the prisoners) know if you're not being authentic, so we try to do our best. I think we did some of our best gigs in prisons.

From the background of the band members to the venues at which they play and the music that they write, one can safely say that they are a very ecclectic band. While their music may not be for everyone, but it makes you think and sure is interesting.

Michella Jade Weng, Formosa TV, Hong Kong

And pictures from HK:

The highlight of the emotionally draining trip: Jack! I think out of all my friends, his upbringing is the closest to mine. And he actually understands my still-no-boyfriend dilemma, because we're in the same boat that's been traveling the seas seemingly all our lives!

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