Friday, 19 June 2009


Just some ramblings before I get ready for bed.

I don't know what I'm high on, maybe it's the chief editor on a week-long holiday, maybe it's traveling for work, maybe it's being happily busy...

Still can't take my mind off the Southern Links trip. There's something about trains that I really love. The train tracks are mesmerizing just by themselves. Walking on them, like you can do w/o getting in trouble in Pingxi, is fun. The sound of the tracks as your train goes over them remind me of heartbeats. The way how a train glides over the tracks in its silky smoothness reminds me of my rowing days too - it reminds me of the slide on the ergs (ergomenter/stinking rowing machine). I hate ergs because they bring nothing but oxygen-depriving and lactose overloading physical torture, but I could sit on an erg (without pulling on the handle and chain of course) for hours, just moving up and down the slide. Also, a train takes you to far and distant and maybe even exciting places, to a destination perhaps worlds apart from where you boarded. Whether slow speed or high speed, I'm realizing that I really do like trains (as long as they don't reek of disinfectant).

I know what I'm going to dream of tonight :)

Good night!

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