Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Yesterday and today finally ended 昨天和今天終於結束了

7h00 this morning, in 8C weather, on my day off:

Perfect that I got a really nice long coat with a big fur collar for my birthday. Thanks, Mama!

17h00 this evening, in art class:

I was still freezing, had a huge headache during the sitting, and I rushed through it so the sketch ended up lousy, but especially compared to what I was doing this morning (waiting for Department of Health Minister Yaung Chih-liang to come out of his apartment so we can chase him down for a soundbite), it was heaven.

It was the second day I've had to be at work by 6h30 to go and wait in the cold to literally chase him down. Thank god he came out and held a press conference at noon today.

Please please please let the phone not ring tonight so I can go to work at a normal time and report the news like a civilized person again tomorrow...

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