Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas for busy people 忙碌的東京聖誕節


Our assignment arrangement fell apart again and I gained an extra day to rest, making it what would have been a nice three-day Christmas weekend. I planned on sleeping all three days away, because I had not had a day off in almost 20, and the next wave is about just as ridiculous. Then I was summoned to Tokyo for Christmas.

It was a Christmas for busy people - work on the 24th, family day on the 25th and off to Beijing for Mama and back to Taipei for me on the 26th then Taichung 26-27th. We were efficient - went for a drive AND a walk! Pearl had Christmas cake and we ate smoked chicken with Grandpa for Christmas dinner. It was for sure a more meaningful time than if I had stayed between a comforter and mattress.

Now I'm back in the office trying to survive post production and attempting to make changes in our assignment planning so I don't almost blow a fuse every time we are on location. Ah, I miss home. Where is home? At the moment Tokyo where Pearl is probably sleeping on the heated carpet, where my suitcase full of presents was.

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