Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Thoughts on recent media disaster 華視梁春姬事件感想

哇,今天網路上大家還是繼續罵。看到很多人寫,很多台灣媒體有多糟,台灣教育有多失敗,教出這樣的記者和媒體人... 更有記者說[就是因為這樣,我不從來不拿出識別證讓人家知道我是記者],其實看到這些,心理很難過。


我覺得華視利用這樣的手法不代表所有台灣媒體都一樣糟吧... 我認為連其他媒體都覺得太離譜所以也做這條新聞呀... 該檢討的是[每日新聞報導],不過台灣的[新聞專題]常常抱回亞洲電視獎,光民視至少就有異言堂和台灣演義在國際上被肯定,其他台也有不少作品入圍和得獎,所以[台灣媒體]不是整個都那麼的糟糕。我相信(包括我在內)很多媒體工作者這時候希望說:大家不妨看一些專題,或許您會發現所看到的內容有意義,有趣,也有水準。不要被部分沒水準的每日新聞影響而失去對台灣媒體所有的信心!


Here's a very rough and quick translation of the above:

Two days after the CTS news disaster, people are still ranting about it on the internet (in Taiwan). Lots of Taiwanese people are writing things like "Taiwanese media is the worst," "Taiwanese education is a total failure, producing reporters and media workers like this," and I even saw a reporter write, "this is the reason why I never take out my TV station ID and never tell anyone I'm a reporter." Actually, reading this really breaks my heart, and seeing a reporter make a statement about not respecting his/her profession and still continuing to be in that profession really amazes me too.

CTS's choice to present their news this way does not mean the entire media in Taiwan is doing the same thing or has the same values as CTS. The reason why the entire media is reporting on the fiasco and the criticism that CTS is being bombarded with is because they believe what CTS has done is inappropriate (I believe). Spot news in Taiwan as a whole needs to improve, but that doesn't mean the standard of the entire spectrum of Taiwanese media has gone to hell. Many of the features produced here have won honors at Asian TV Awards. FTV's Hall of Dissent and Taiwan History have won international awards, and many other stations and their news programming/features as well have also received international acclaim, so Taiwan's media as a whole certainly does not reflect what happened on CTS news. I believe that myself included, many people working in Taiwanese media would like to say, "please tune into news features, you might find what you see to be interesting, meaningful and well made." Don't let one TV station's disaster cause you to lose faith in all of the media.

Oh, do tune into our weekend travel features, those are pretty good too!

Terrible translation, I know. I should have rewritten. But I must get back to writing for work before I am fired.


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