Sunday, 12 July 2015

Hakka Town Meinong 美濃客家莊

I've posted this video before, but here's some more information on Meinong, Kaohsiung. 
The Hakka Culture Center Museum 美濃客家文物館 is a great place to get to know Hakka culture and the Meinong area. Many of the displays have English descriptions and there is at least one guide that speaks English. Call or email them ahead of time to make an appointment so you get the most out of your visit! 
This is the website:
Uh, just checked the website and can't find an email address or English service. Have the hotel call for you and make a reservation with an English speaking guide, then.
This is the number: 07-6818338
At the culture center, you can pick up a map of Meinong, and some of the more interesting spots and areas are noted on it. If you can, bring a bicycle, or rent one when you get to Meinong. It makes getting around much easier. It's a really rural area, so don't count on public transportation or taxi's - I don't think there are very many.
To get to Meinong, you can take a bus from Kaohsiung train station or Zuoying high speed rail station.
Or you can take a day tour on the Taiwan Tour Bus, a tour service endorsed by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau that seems quite nice, but I've yet to personally try it.
Again, I highly recommend a bicycle or an electric skateboard. Or an electric kick scooter. Heh heh.
Have fun and let me know how it goes!

美濃還有好多好多的東西可以講,留著改天再分享。大家歡應看這一集,也是上一季台灣好好玩的最後一集,「美濃客家村 保存特殊文化建築」。

20150530 美濃客家村 保存特殊文化建築

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