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Info on episode 23: Pier 2 by MRT

Time for Taiwan 2015-2016, Episode 23: Pier 2 by MRT
2015-2016年「台灣好好玩」第二十三集: 搭高捷到駁二

Transcript 文字稿:

One of the things I love most is the adaptive reuse of old buildings. It’s environmentally friendly, helps with the preservation of history, and usually quite cool to look at. Today we’re visiting Kaohsiung’s Pier 2 Art Center.

I'm Michella. I grew up in the Silicon Valley and was a journalist in Taiwan for ten years. I like to try new things, play with new toys, and visit old places in a new way. I’m going to show you around the Taiwan that I know. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

To get to Pier 2 you can take the orange line of the Kaohsiung MRT and get off at Yanchengpu Station.

Pier 2 Art Center is an area about one kilometer long, and is mostly a bunch of old warehouses, 25 to be exact. Pier 2 refers to warehouse area 2. So if this is Pier 2, where’s Pier 1? The American bombed and completely destroyed it during World War II.

Anyway, some of these old warehouses are art exhibition spaces now, and some of the warehouses been converted into wonderful shops, restaurants and performance venues .

This shop custom makes shirts. You pick the pattern and fabric, and they’ll put it together for you.
"So some of these used to be long, long warehouses, but they were chopped up to create individual spaces for different shops. A lot of the concrete walls were replaced by huge panes of glass that allow in beautiful sunlight. Once abandoned spaces are now occupied creative works of art, handcrafted products and young, ambitious designers.

Trains used to drive up to the warehouses on the pier, but because the water by the pier is quite shallow, freight ships had to anchor further out, around here, and smaller ships would then ferry the cargo back and forth.

This is the new cultural cruise and I really like it because you get a chance to get really close to the research ships, the tug boats, the freight ships, the navy ships, the coast guard ships.

Close to an equivalent of 10 million 20-ft containers are loaded and unloaded here each year. Guess how long it takes a 40-ft container to be moved. Ten minutes? Five minutes? Less than 2.5 minutes. I think that’s quite amazing!

If you are in Kaohsiung and you don't know what to do or where to go, come to  Pier 2. Take the cruise and get on the water, walk around and see the exhibits. Have some coffee and see how old meets new in Kaohsiung. I personally really like it here. You should come.

Michella's notes 米雪拉的筆記:

Pier 2 is really fantastic for wandering around. Check out the links for a few places we visited and liked.駁二是個很適合隨便亂走的地方,在連結區有幾個我們去過,覺得蠻有意思的地方。

Links 連結:

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