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Info on episode 27: Huwei, Changhua

Time for Taiwan 2015-2016, Episode 27: Huwei, Changhua2015-2016年「台灣好好玩」第二十七集: 好行彰化虎尾

Transcript 文字稿:
We’re in Huwei, Yunlin County today, the heartland of glove puppetry in Taiwan.今天我們來到雲林虎尾,台灣布袋戲重鎮。
I'm Michella. I grew up in the Silicon Valley and was a journalist in Taiwan for ten years. I like to try new things, play with new toys, and visit old places in a new way. I’m going to show you around the Taiwan that I know. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.我是米雪拉,在美國矽谷長大,回來台灣當了十年的新聞工作者,喜歡嘗試新東西,玩新玩具,用新的方式體驗旅行。台灣好好玩,到底有多好玩,讓我和你分享。
To get to Huwei, you can take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle from Douliu train station in Yunlin. You can buy a day pass on the bus for NT$150.想要到虎尾,大家可以從雲林的斗六火車站上車,然後買票,一日券150元。
Huwei’s sugar industry was the driving force behind the development of this town, which grew very quickly during the Japanese occupation, so the buildings here are especially interesting.虎尾糖廠曾經是帶動虎尾發展的主因之一,尤其在日治時代,發展的非常快,所以這邊的建築都很有故事喔~
The three most famous buildings in this town are from the colonial days. This was the magistrate’s old residence, but now, kids and adults come here for story time.這裏三棟最有名的建築物都是日治時代興建的。這裏曾經是首長官邸,現是從小朋友到大人都喜歡的故事屋。
This is the magistrate’s old office, now a hand puppet museum. In the Ming Dynasty, hundreds of years ago, a man named Liang Binglin tried and tried but kept failing the county imperial exam. He was quite upset and started playing with string puppets. But one day he thought, “These strings make puppeteering so difficult!” and then went on to invent Chinese glove puppetry.這裏以前是虎尾郡役所,如今轉型為虎尾布袋戲館。明朝有一位叫做梁炳麟的人,多次考秀才落榜,最後一次落榜後,他心情不好,玩起了傀儡,但他覺得因為傀儡要用線操作,複雜又困難,所以後來發明了掌中偶,布袋戲。”
Chinese glove puppetry in Taiwan survived the Cultural Revolution in China and really flourished, especially around here. It was a form of entertainment that kids and even teachers sometimes skipped class to watch.布袋戲在台灣躲過了中國文革,因此倖存,甚至在這裏發揚光大,布袋戲曾經是一種主流娛樂,學生和老師以前有時候還為了布袋戲而翹課。

This was once a police and fire station. Look, the fireman’s pole’s still there. It’s now a bookstore and cafe where you can get something to read, something to drink and just take a break.這裏曾經是警察局和消防局,你看,消防滑竿還在。現在這邊變成書店和咖啡店,大家可以來這裡看書,喝個東西,休息一下。
Someone asked me which of the three buildings is most interesting, and I think they all are interesting in their own ways and are a part of a whole story. Each served a different function so each has its own special charms. You have to see them all. You should come!有人問我,這三棟哪一棟最有看頭,我覺得每一個都有它獨特和有趣的地方,三個拼起來才是一完整的故事。它們當年都有自己的功能,所以也有自己的特色和魅力,一個都不能漏看。大家要來喔!


Michella's notes 米雪拉的筆記:
You can spend an entire day in Huwei, visiting the old sugar factory, the puppet museum, the story house, the old fire/police station. These are all old buildings (asides from the sugar factory which still does the same thing), buildings that have been repurposed in a very interesting fashion. Hard to make a connection between puppeteering, coffee, books and story time with an old town hall, the official’s residence and a police/fire station, right? But it works so well. I can sit for hours inside the Starbuck’s that was once the fire station - it is across the street from the old town hall and still has the fireman pole intact. I’ve been 2 or 3 times and I still love the place.去虎尾,其實可以待一整天,可以到老糖廠,布袋戲館,故事館,還有很有文青感的書店/咖啡店(好啦,是星巴巴和誠品啦),後面三者都是老屋再利用的喔,布袋戲館以前是日治時代地方政府辦公室,故事館是首長官邸,星巴克和誠品是警消多功能辦公廳。這三個地方被稱為「虎尾三寶」(不是耍寶),可以欣賞一整天。光線好的時候,故事館的日式建築和綠蔭真的很美,星巴克二樓座位可以看到布袋戲館,裡面還有以前留下來的消防滑竿。我已經去過兩三次,還是好喜歡~


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