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Info on episode 28: Amis Folk Village

Time for Taiwan 2015-2016, Episode 28: Amis Folk Village
2015-2016年「台灣好好玩」第二十八集: 台東阿美族民俗中心

Transcript 文字稿:

Today we’re on the southeastern coast of Taiwan, in Taitung County.

The coast of Taitung has some of the nicest sceneries in Taiwan. This is Sanxiantai, which literally means “three fairy island.”

We’re on our way to the Amis folk center. We got on the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle from the Taitung Bus Station.

The indigenous people of Taiwan are Austronesians, which also include the aborigines of Hawaii, New Zealand and Africa. This is a place to learn about the Amis tribe, the largest tribe in Taiwan.

This is a recreation of a traditional Amis house, the Loma. This is the bed area. The head of the family sleeps on the right side of the bed on the right side of the house, then the second most powerful person sleeps to the left of that person and so on and so forth.

The roof is really low because the winds in Taitung are really, really strong. The Amis people are matrilineal. A man will marry into a woman’s family, the woman controls and inherits the assets. However, only the men are involved in politics.

This is where men gather to make decisions for the tribe. This is “loma no kakitaan,” house of the spiritual leader.
男士們會聚集在這裡面,做出所有重大的決定。這是「loma no kakitaan」巫師的家。

Famous stories and old ways of life are sculpted on the columns and pillars in the loma no kakitaan, and the floor is covered with rattan. The guys’ hangout is a lot more luxurious than the rest of the houses.

This is what the men use to help protect the village. This is a calcium carbide bamboo canon.

When water is poured on calcium carbide, acetylene gas is released and it makes a huge bang when you light it. It makes a lot of noise but that’s about it.

What a way to remember a place. My ears are still ringing. That was fun.

Taitung is an amazing place. The scenery is magnificent and the culture is truly unique. Come enjoy the show, walk through the loma’s, shoot the  arrows, light the bamboo canon. You’re going to love it. You should come!

Michella's notes 米雪拉的筆記:

I had a blast (literally!) at the Amis folk center. The canon was great fun, and learning about the different houses the Amis traditionally live in was cool too. It’s always great to be able to walk around and soak in all 360 degrees with the five senses. Oh even the music show was interactive. I really had fun here.


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