Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Doing Good

My throat infection's moved south for the winter, into my lungs. But it's not too bad, and my vocal cords have nearly recovered.

One of my parents said to me last night that perhaps every day, I should do one good thing for the world and indulge in one thing for myself. That way I will have less to regret if something terrible happened. That sounds like a good idea. I don't think I've done anything good in a long time. I haven't made anyone happy and I haven't done much to be proud of, either. It's just been me me me. How selfish. Thank you for the reminder.

I've been avoiding my mother recently, but I guess I will have lunch with her tomorrow. It'll be good for the both of us, I guess. But before that, I will need a good night's rest and muster up some courage. There's nothing much I'm afraid of in this world, except when it comes to my mothers.

It's about time I stop being anti-social too, as Jenny says. Watch out, World!

Here's my story that we'll be airing tonight. You can watch our show on the Internet. There is a VOD feature at http://englishnews.ftv.com.tw/
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Slug: Waterfront Dining (1'27'')

Eating out in tourist areas is often a hit-or-miss experience. In our food feature tonight, Michella Weng takes you to a restaurant at Fisherman’s Wharf in Danshuei that is a definite hit with customers and a real delight for travelers who want more than just a view.##

Fisherman's Wharf in Danshuei has become a popular weekend tourist destination. People like to come here to unwind, get away from the cramped city life and to breathe some fresh air.
淡水漁人 碼頭已經變成一個熱門的週末旅遊景點了
許多人爲了遠離擁擠又充滿壓迫感的都市生活來這邊紓解壓力 呼吸新鮮空氣

For those looking for a place to sit down and to have a nice meal to finish off the day, though, it's often hard to find something that really hits the spot.

This restaurant near the end of the pier, though, is something to consider. You can grab a cold drink to go, sit down and chat over a coffee, listen to the live music or even enjoy a nice dinner.
您可以買個冷飲帶走 或者是坐下來聽聽live演唱 喝喝咖啡 享受美味的餐點

Sound bite:
[[店長 郭鎮遠]]
Guo Jhen-yuan
When we go to a nice, scenic place ourselves, we want something good to eat. We're trying to see things from the consumers' point of view. Hopefully our customers feel the same way.

The food here is unexpectedly good for a restaurant in these types of places, and the prices are quite reasonable for the quality.
以一個觀光景點來說 這家餐廳真的很不錯 價錢也很合理

They even use aged balsamico.

Those who have just gotten off a windy boat ride may find the seafood chowder especially inviting.
熱呼呼的海鮮濃湯裝在法國麵包裡 正好溫暖剛下觀光船的旅客的胃

The pork knuckle is up to par, but it requires a bit of a wait.
德國豬腳也不錯 不過需要您耐心等待

Oh, they have nice dessert too. They make some of them here but also offer a selection from a famous patisserie in Taipei.
有的是他們自己做的 有的是來自台北有名的糕餅店

Closing stand-up:
This restaurant has matched great food with reasonable prices to one of the most beautiful places in northern Taipei County. It's really a good place to relax and enjoy an evening. This is Michella Weng for Formosa TV in Danshuei, Taipei County.
美味的食物與合理的價格 融入在北縣之美中
民視新聞 咼昇軍 翁郁容 台北縣採訪報導

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