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Story: Taipei 101 Run-Up

Slug: Taipei 101 Run-Up (1:46)

Taipei 101 held its first annual stair-climbing competition today. The run-up attracted 1,001 participants, including a number of star climbers who came to Taiwan just for the event. FTV's Michella Weng took the challenge as well and tells what the competition was like.##

Elite climbers and weekend warriors of all ages and styles came to take part in the first Taipei 101 Run-Up.
各式個樣 各年齡層的運動菁英 及自我挑戰者

While some took it easy and just wanted to finish, others were there to gun for the title and prize money. A few of the competitors came from as far as Poland and New Zealand for the inaugural run.
雖然有些人只想爬完 但是有些可是很認真的為了獎金而來的
有些選手可是遠從波蘭 還有紐西蘭來喔

Paul Crake from Australia, who is a five-time winner of New York's Empire State Building run-up, finished in first place, in 10 minutes and 29 seconds.
來自澳洲的 Paul Crake 是紐約帝國大廈的五連霸紀錄保持人

Sound bite:
Paul Crake
Men's Champion
For me, it's definitely a harder stairwell to run than the Empire State, for example. I rate it pretty highly as far as difficulty is concerned.
我覺得跟跑帝國大廈比 這邊比較困難

Austrian Andrea Mayr, who broke the course record at the Empire State last year and again this year, was the fastest woman, finishing in 12 minutes and 38 seconds.
來自奧地利的 Adrea Mayr 在去年 破了帝國大廈的紀錄
今年又破了一次 她以12分38秒 奪下女子組第一名

Sound bite:
Andrea Mayr
Women's Champion
Each step is higher--the stairs. In New York, there is a flat passage in between after each floor, and there is not here. There is just up, up, up.
這裡的階梯比較高 在紐約 每一層樓中間的間隔較寬廣

Some competitors pushed themselves so hard that they collapsed at the finish or even before, and had to be carried away in stretchers. But with a total prize purse of NT$1.01 million, there was some real gold at the end of the stairwell. Crake and Mayr each took home NT$200,000, before taxes.
大家都很拼命 有些人爬完後昏倒了 有些人甚至沒爬完就倒了
不過新台幣 100萬的獎金真的不少
Crake 和 Mayr 兩個人 各領走了20萬

For the less serious competitor, it was a great way to spend a rainy Sunday. If you like to walk up stairs, that is.
對於比較隨性的挑戰者呢 如果是喜歡爬樓梯的 可是個好運動

After climbing 2,046 steps, 390 meters and 91 floors, we made it to the top of Taipei 101. We may not have broken any records or passed any elites, or anybody for that matter, but we got our onigiri, water and the right to say that we did it, we climbed the world's tallest building.
This is Michella Weng for Formosa TV in Taipei.
過了2,046個階梯 390公尺 91層樓 我們終於爬上台北101
雖然沒有破什麼紀錄 或是超越厲害的選手
不過我們得到了飯糰 礦泉水 還有能說我們曾經爬過世界
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