Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Wednesday Again?

Ah ha!

Now I remember why I haven't posted in days. I worked all day Saturday (for the Masayoshi Son (孫正義) story and had to get up at 4h00 Sunday to cover the Terry Fox run. I've been so tired that I leave my computer at work and I go home right after the taping.

And probably for that reason, I've slept slightly better in the past two nights. Also, I noticed that when Oreo or Miffy are with me, I sleep especially well. (Usually, they're with my parents.) I think it's because I fall asleep to the rhythm of their breathing. So last night, I tried to listen to my own breathing. It's not as effective, but it does seem to help, if just a little.

Work and dogs are a modern girl's best companions. (But diamonds are still this girl's best friend.) Forget those guys that cheat and forget those guys that don't email back. I say forget about guys. Anna, can I just forfeit?

I started climbing the stairs of our building to get ready for the 101 challenge this weekend. I climb 15 flights in a set, and I started with three yesterday. I planned to do four sets twice today (Wednesday), five sets twice Thursday, six sets once on Friday and rest on Saturday. There are 91 flights at Taipei 101. We were really really busy today, so I didn't get to climb before we taped. I'll do a set before going home. I should probably start carbo-loading Friday. I've forgotten just about everything we did while training for crew in college.

Climbing 15 flights of stairs is not difficult, nor does it take a long time. It is, however, painful. Ninety-one should be a lot more painful than six times the pain I get from 15 flights. Pain is, apparently, on a logarithmic scale.

One thing I've come to realize, though, is that I will finish. It should not be a problem. The real issues are pain and embarrassment. Those are some good reasons to keep training.

Off I go stair climbing.

Here are a couple of my stories that we aired on Sunday.
Note: I didn't want to use Son's second sound bite, but the news director said she wanted everything in there because it was exclusive.

Slug: Masayoshi Son on IPTV (1'40")


Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son, who according to Forbes has a personal net worth of US$4.3 billion, is in Taiwan to talk about IPTV, or Internet TV, and to look for business partners for its new IPTV endeavor. Softbank Group is one of the largest broadband corporate groups in Japan. In an FTV exclusive, the successful venture capitalist spoke to Michella Weng about the role he thinks Taiwan can play in the IPTV market.##

擁有身價43億美金, 相當於新台幣1400多億的日本軟體銀行總裁孫正義, 最近來台灣進行網路電視招商. 孫正義所領導的軟體銀行, 是日本最大的寬頻企業之一.民視記者翁郁容獨家專訪這位47歲白手起家的總裁, 談談台灣要如何成為網路電視的贏家.##

Content-providing Internet businesses have long faced the problem of profitability. In most cases, search engines made the most money, because users could find all the information they needed through the search sites.


Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son, however, has a better idea. He is creating a content syndicate that is not searchable except by their own engine. In addition, he has some ideas to provide more content, through IPTV. Videos are the other 99% of the content that can be made available, he says.
不過, 日本軟體銀行總裁孫正義, 有了好方法

Also, Son believes that Taiwan can play a major role in the IPTV market.
除了著眼網路廣告, 他還打算利用網路電視IPTV, 來賺錢
Sound bite
Masayoshi Son
Softbank Group CEO
Taiwan can become the next Hollywood of Asia because Taiwan people speak Chinese. There are Chinese people around the world, so there is a big population. Taiwan has a more advanced experience in the Western world, so it can be a very interesting content center.
[[日本軟體銀行總裁 孫正義]]

But the question of profitability still remains, since most, if not everyone has been unsuccessful in making a good profit from providing content.
如何從網路電視IPTV賺到錢, 還是一個問題

Sound bite:
Masayoshi Son
Softbank Group CEO
We are now preparing a very interesting approach. We would be having very big number of viewers, so advertisement revenue could be very big.
[[日本軟體銀行總裁 孫正義]]

Closing stand-up:
Although Softbank does have experience in advertising, it still may face challenges in managing the media that it wants to work with. Softbank plans to roll out its IPTV service in Japan next March.
Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.

日本軟體銀行, 將在明年三月, 推出網路電視, 這個IPTV的服務,將面臨許多的challenge,像是如何管理來自這麼多國家的媒體內容, 播放權利等等
能不能從網路電視獲利, 商機又有多大, 許多科技人都拭目以待
民視新聞 楊昭庭 翁郁容 台北採訪報導

Slug: Terry Fox Run (1'38'')

The Terry Fox Run was held in Taipei today to remember Terry Fox and to raise money for cancer research. Terry Fox succumbed to cancer at the age of 22, after becoming famous for his attempt to run across Canada on an artificial leg. Memorial runs are held in his name around the world, and so far have raised more than US$300 million—NT$13 million in Taiwan alone. It's the 25th anniversary of the run, and the 11th year the run has been held in Taiwan.##

Taiwan hosted its 11th annual Terry Fox Run this morning. People of all ages and nationalities took part in the 3- and 6k run.
第十一屆的泰瑞法克斯路跑 今天開跑了
各種年齡 國籍 的民眾 都來共襄盛與

Terry Fox was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 18 years old. One of his legs had to be amputated. When he was in the hospital, the suffering that he saw in other cancer patients, especially children, prompted him to start raising money for cancer research, by running a marathon a day.
因為癌症 讓他失去了一條腿
他在醫院看到許多癌症患者的痛苦 尤其是小朋友
使他下定決心 以一天跑一個馬拉松的方式 來為癌症研究募款

Sound bite:
Anna Daviss
TAS Teacher
I'm here today because I'm supporting two faculty members, one of them is Jan McDowell, and she has been diagnosed with cancer about a year ago and we're here to support her and we're just really excited about it.
有一位是Jan McDowell

This is Anna Daviss' 5th Terry Fox run, and about 70 other faculty members and students from the Taipei American School are here for the cause as well.
Anna Daviss第五次參加泰瑞法克斯路跑

Sound bite:
Jin Pu-cong
Taipei Deputy Mayor
My father died of cancer seventeen years ago. I think exercise is the best medicine for your health, so we encourage everybody to come and enjoy the annual run.

The event also had free medical checks and stretching sessions to promote good health.
主辦單位為了更加推廣健康生活的概念 也提供了免費健康檢查並帶領民眾拉筋

Closing stand-up:
It's unfortunate that Terry Fox fell victim to cancer at such a young age. But his will to survive and his willingness to help other people continues.
Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.
不過他為生命而奮鬥的精神 還有幫助別人的熱心 是永遠存在的
民視新聞 蔡明政 翁郁容 台北採訪報導

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