Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Dinner with Jenny and friends

As the vote counting wound down, I started to panic--not because other stations were showing that the KMT (國民黨 Kuomintang or Nationalist Part) candidate in Taipei County was leading the DPP candidate by 200,000 votes and our station was miles behind and still saying that the DPP (民進黨 Democratic Progressive Party) candidate was winning by a few thousand votes. Our station has very close ties to the DPP, so it raised quite a few eyebrows, both inside and outside the station. The next day, the news director bought the entire department fried chicken (of course, our team was forgotten about because we're on a different floor) to congratulate us on doing such a great job and staying impartial during the process.

Anyway, I was panicking about what I would do after it was over. It was still early, 19h00 or so, and I didn't want to just go home to freezing Danshui. My parents were out partying with their classmates (both are back in school) and I didn't really know who else to ask to go to dinner with, so I text messaged Jenny asking to recommend me a place. I thought she'd be with her husband or other family, since it was a Saturday.

M: hi. can you recommend me a hip but quite place for dinner?
J: Forchetta (western)- good food. Fifi (eastern)
M: thanks. what's better for eating alone?
J: Alone? Do u wanna meet up?

Ring ring came her call, and supergirl saved my night.

I met up with her, her husband, her brother John and their friend Jeff at Salt & Bread, a Russian restaurant. They were practically done by the time I got there, so I quickly ordered and ate. The food was alright, but the ambiance was pretty nice and the presentation was interesting. When John and Jeff went into the -20C snow bar, Jenny and I got a little bit of time to chat. I think we were both pretty tired. Two hard working girls.

Here's a picture after the dinner, when we walked by Far Eastern Shangri-La. You can find some very cool pictures of the flaming dessert on John's blog:

Love you guys!

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fuigo said...

Yum yum... I took my colleague from Germany there just few nights ago, on Monday. Of course, I forced him into the vodka bar. So nice...