Sunday, 11 December 2005

Fashion struggle

I was in a meeting with the CEO of a local home appliances maker. He was looking for someone to host a product explanation video and one of our program directors (PD) who was going to make the video (as a side job) recommended me. The CEO happened to stop by the station on some other business, so the PD called me up to say hello to the guy. They auditioned some foreign models elsewhere as well, and I'll find out if I get the job Monday. Anyway, yesterday when I met him, I wore a nice, starched pinstriped shirt from Ralph Lauren that my mother bought for me about ten years ago. It was purple and black stripes on white, with square French cuffs and a Windsor collar. I rolled up the cuff one time so it would be casual and also out of my way. I turned the collar up, folded down the very ends so it kind of framed my face, and then draped a small, feminine tie that I inherited from my godmother around my neck. I wore grey slacks with a shiny, brown leather belt (from godmother) for elegance and warmth of tone. To finish it off, I put on brown, high heel cowgirl boots (from godmother). I wore my hair in my usual work, feminine style (so I look grown up and authoritative), and I accessorized with shiny, girly things, as always. I thought I looked quite sophisticated and cool. So here went the getting-to-know-you part of our conversation:

CEO: You're not married, right?
me: No, I'm not
CEO: You don't seem to be the type
me: Perhaps it's not time yet. I'd really like to concentrate on my career right now.
CEO: No, I don't think it's like that. I don't think you will get married.
me: Oh, really?
CEO: Nope.
me: Perhaps I just need to find the right person. But why do you say so?
CEO: No, I don't think you will get married. You don't like men.
me: Hm?
CEO: You don't, right? You're THAT type, right?

While restraining myself from falling out of the chair, I simply, politely but charmingly, smiled, as to let his imagination run wild.

It's one thing to be hit on by a gay person of the same sex (which I haven't been before), but to be asked if I were gay by a guy, a narcissistic fruitcake at that, is something else. There is a first for everything. But since I have great appreciation for the gay guys on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, I will take that as a compliment.

If only I were around more artsy people so I can really find out if what I'm trying works or not. News people, at least at our station, aren't quite that type. Most of them don't even wear make-up, and very few of them seem to care about image and impression. It's a battle out there, but can't we fight in style?


miNgo said...

that's the oldest trick in the book..

guY: i think you like girls
girl: no i don't
guy: you seriously just don't like men
Girl: yes i do
(two hours later of nonesense)
guy: prove it
girl: how?
guy: well you can ....

kevin said...

You know what? I now have more confidence in you being a comedy scriptwriter.