Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Story: A Cozy Cafe

Here's a story I did on a cafe called "Cozy Cafe" near Shi-da (師範大學).

Slug: A Cozy Cafe (1’15’’)

A café in the back alleys of Shida (師大) University that prides itself on their cappucinos is attracting local and foriegn intellectuals, ex government workers and students alike. FTV reporter Michella Weng takes you to see what’s so special about it.##

Opening stand-up:
Between the lively Yongkang and literary Shida areas is a cozy little cafe that some very cool students, artists and even retired government officials like to hang out. Let's have a look!
夾在永康街鬧區和師大文藝區有一間學生 文人 還有退休的政治家 常來的小cafe.

"Simple, but tasteful" are the first things that come to mind. It's sparsely decorated, but the dark-colored wooden panels and chairs really stand out against the white walls and ceiling; and gives the place a warm feel. Plenty of light comes in, even on cloudy days, and the lifted ceiling makes the place feel much more spacious than it really is.
第ㄧ個印象就是 簡單 有品味
佈置雖然單調 不過深色的木頭襯托著白色的牆壁 成為特色 給整個空間一個溫暖的感覺
充滿了自然的光線 陰天的時候也不覺得暗
挑高的天花板 也讓空間顯得更大

They specialize in espressos and pride themselves on their foam.
咖啡呢 以義式咖啡為主

Sound bite:
Weng Yu-jhen
奶香的甜味都會在裡面 所以我們都會建議客人不要加糖
The sweetness of the foam is all in there, said co-owner Weng Yu-jhen, so we really recommend people not to add sugar.

Weng and her two partners fulfilled their dream of opening a cafe three years ago when they left their office jobs and started this place. The attention to detail is an indication of their passion. They chose the height of the chairs and tables to be comfortable for people who come around to read, study or do work on their computers.
翁老闆和兩位合夥人在三年前把開咖啡廳的夢想成真 也都辭了公司的工作
這邊的桌子和訂做的椅子的高度 不論坐著看書或打電腦都很舒適

My favorite? Cafe latte with orange liqueur.
那記者最喜歡的呢? 就是橘酒拿鐵咖啡.

Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.
民視新聞 王泰棋 翁郁容 台北採訪報導

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