Sunday, 11 December 2005

Monkey business

Taiwan held regional elections last Saturday, and our production team was called in to work.

My group of three was in charge of Penghu County (澎湖) and Pingtung County (屏東). Two were on the phone and one was on the computer. I was on the computer.
Each of the phone people called our station reps who were standing by at the campaign headquarters of two of the candidates in each county every thirty seconds to get vote count updates. They then wrote the count on a piece of paper, passed it to me, an arm hair's distance away (actually, we were literally squeezed shoulder to shoulder in the international center), and I punched those numbers into the computer. Phone, paper, computer. Phone, paper, computer. I think the company might have saved some money if they brought in monkeys to do the same job. I bet they could have hired fewer monkeys than the number of us there. It was a fun experience for me, on the company's expense. Hee hee.

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